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In Focus: The Residents of Art Street

  • 3.5 hr

Itinerary Details

This Santiago tour is packed with art, culture, and Chilean hospitality! You'll support the Mixart Cultural Centre, a community of locals from the San Miguel neighbourhood, who have come together to launch the Open Sky Museum in support of the area's rich art scene. The group is has helped transform San Miguel from a poor area of social housing to a living art museum. 

We’ll meet each other in the Plaza de Armas before shying away from the historic downtown part of Santiago. Instead of joining the tourist crowds, we’ll hop on the subway and head to the San Miguel district, a neighbourhood straight out of the movies, where people know their neighbours, greet each other on the streets, and help one another through difficult times.

Once there, our Santiago walking tour will take us through a living museum of sorts, and you’ll hear the history of the neighbourhood and its residents. As we walk, you’ll also get to see the area’s beautiful wall murals, and we’ll talk about the artists, the themes and meanings behind the images, and the art techniques used – basically anything and everything you want to know! The artwork here is quite varied, and the stories are inspiring and heartfelt – no boring lectures, guaranteed! Instead, learn how this community was saved from being transformed into a trash site, and was converted to the Open Sky Museum to house street art.

You’ll follow our guide through the artistic streets and see more than 40 giant art murals, and over 4,000 square metres of art in area that only spans eight blocks! Another great point of interest as we tour San Miguel will be the architecture: the traditional and statuesque buildings provide great backdrops for photos.

If you’re worried that all that walking will leave you famished but with nothing to munch on, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll spend the afternoon with some San Miguel locals right inside their home. We’ll share a typical Chilean teatime meal of homemade bread, avocados, eggs, Chilean sweet cakes, and more. Chileans are well-known for their hospitable nature and for sharing that hospitality and love through food – no one is going home hungry!

Spend the day with us to experience the real Santiago in the Open Sky Museum of San Miguel. We promise to feed both the art lover and the foodie in you!