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EDOCCO Teahouse

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With this ticket, you can enjoy the Japanese dance show while receiving a set of matcha and sweets at EDOCCO Tea House. You can also participate in mini workshops (calligraphy, origami, Japanese costume cosplay, etc.) where you can experience various Japanese culture, which is always available at EDOCCO Chaya. We also offer various options for souvenirs, such as making accessories for knob work and making original calligraphy T-shirts.

Itinerary Details

EDOCCO Chaya has a mini-workshop where you can experience various Japanese cultures for free if you have purchased a matcha set. You can also watch a Japanese dance show while enjoying matcha tea.

・ Matcha set

You can enjoy a Japanese dance show with matcha and Japanese sweets.

・ Japanese dance show

The performance will be performed once every 11: 00 ~ / 12: 00 ~ / 13: 00 ~ / 14: 00 ~.

・ Japanese costume cosplay experience

You can enjoy taking photos wearing geisha and maiko cosplay costumes. Please take a memorable photo.

・ Calligraphy experience

After explaining the basic form of calligraphy and giving an example, you will write your favorite letters using brush and ink. There are also options that you can purchase as a souvenir by writing your favorite letters such as “heart”, “samurai”, “peace” and “soul” on your T-shirt.

・ Origami experience

Origami made with square paper is an interesting game for foreign customers. In this workshop, you will learn how to fold and make a piece.


Other options include making original calligraphy T-shirts, making handmade accessories, and matching tea sets that can be purchased as souvenirs.

You can enjoy Japanese traditional dance show with Green Tea “Matcha” and Japanese sweets in the program.

Also, you can experience “Shodo (calligraphy)”, “Origami” and “Kimono Cosplay” as well.
-The program includes-

・ Green Tea and Japanese sweets

・ Japanese traditional dance show

・ Shodo workshop

・ Origami workshop

・ Kimono Cosplay

・ Your original Shodo T-shirt

・ Green Tea set

・ Hand made Tsunami-zaiku accessory workshop

・ Kimono rental