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5 Day 4 Night Yogyakarta Heritage Sustainable Tour

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Yogyakarta 5 days 4 nights Cultural Heritage Excursion is designed to give you the real experience in Yogyakarta. We have designed thematic tour each day based on destinations you are going to visit. We also practise eco-friendly concept and sustainability concept. When you join our tour, you will also directly support sustainable tourism! This tour is the right balance of adventure, heritage while trying to implement tour in sustainable concept. You will also stay in a local family homestay that we have selected based on our standard or 3-star hotel with sustainable and eco-friendly concept in Jogjakarta. provides positive impact on the locals and community but minimise the negative impact on the destination and local culture. We practise sustainable tour concept. We are trying to minimise the one-single plastic use in our tour, so we ban single plastic use of water bottle and provide refill water. We are also involving local community/people in our tour.

Itinerary Details

This is a typical itinerary for this product

Day 1 Let The Culture Begin!

Stop At: Yogyakarta Palace

Keraton is the site when Sultan/King of Yogyakarta lives with his family. Here, we are going to explore the inside of the palace because it is the center of Javanese culture. This palace is the Javanese culture living museum, and this museum display’s the Sultan’s belongings.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Water Castle (Tamansari)

The Taman Sari water castle used to be the former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. It was built in the middle of the 18th century by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I but finished by Sultan Hamengkubuwono II. There are several areas with different function including a meditation area, a defense area, a resting area, and a hiding place. However, it is mainly built for resting and relaxing.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Water Castle (Tamansari)

In this area we are going to make our own batik craft. Starting from putting the hot wax using "Canting" to colour it.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Sonobudoyo Museum

We will explore the museum with English-speaking guide to learn about Javanese culture and Indonesian culture and history

Duration: 1 hour

Day 2 Heritage Exploration!

Stop At: Kota Gede

We are heading to Kotagede, the oldest district of Yogyakarta. It is located on the south east of the city. This district was established from the 16th century and was known as the site where the founder of the new Mataram Kingdom, Panembahan Senopati. This kingdow claims that they were the direct inheritance with the ancient Mataram rulers who built the almighty Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. Kotagede was a jungle namely Mentaok, then this city grew and established until the capital city. You will experience what the past look like in Kotagede, including exploring Kotagede Traditional market, Tomb of the king while wearing Javanese traditional clothings, Old valleys, Watu gilang, Between Two Gates, and Kotagede Mosque which is the oldest mosque in Yogyakarta.

Duration: 4 hour

Stop At: Kota Gede

Since Kotagede has become the center of silver art and silver handicraft, you will have opportunity to try to make your own silver art by yourself after lunch at the local resto around Kotagede.

Duration: 2 hour

Day 3 Amazingly Gigantic!

Stop At: Borobudur Temple

The tour will start very early in the morning at 03.30 because we are going to watch sunrise from the top of the almighty Boronudur temple. This temple is located outside Yogyakarta, particularly in Magelang, central Java, 1-hour drive from Yogyakarta. We are going in not through the regular entrance because Borobudur opens at 6 am, so we are going in through Manohara hotel. Watching sunrise from the top of the biggest Buddhist temple in the world would be the unforgettable experience. Then, we will have time to explore the Borobudur temple.

Duration: 4 hour

Stop At: Candi Mendut (Temple)

Another historical portal of Borobudur, you can find several meters ahead of Mendut temple. This temple is situated right on 3 km east of Borobudur temple. The temple is on a north to south straight line with the Borobudur and Pawon Temples. Local legend relates that long ago a brick-paved road led from Mendut to Borobudur, closed in by walls with niches built into them. According to Dutch archaeologist JG de Casparis, the temple forms part of a once huge temple complex together with the Pawon and Borobudur temples and, chronologically speaking, is the oldest among the three.

Duration: 1 hour

Day 4 Live Like Locals!

Stop At: Jeep Wisata Merapi - Day Tours

We will explore the impact of Merapi volcano through Merapi lava tour. We will be on 4wd Jeep or Land Cruiser. We will visit 3 destinations and explore very close (7km away from the top).

Duration: 4 hour

Stop At: Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

After that, we will continue to Desa Wisata Nglanggeran or Nglanggeran Tourist Village in Gunung Kidul Regency. Nglanggeran is a good example for their community-based tourism. The community has been working together to empower their people to build the village into a community-based tourism. They have a pre-historic volcano (which is now not active) as their main destination. However, they also develop tourism activity from their lifestyle. Agricultural activities, cultural activities, local products have been developed to accompany the main tourism activities. These are what we are going to experience.

Duration: 24 hour


Stop At:

This is another historical building that is related to the royal family. It actually has a deep philosophy and long history about Jogjakarta.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Yogyakarta Monument

This is the icon of Jogjakarta. We are going to learn a little bit about the history about the monument. We will also learn about how it is connected to Merapi volcano, Krapyak, the Royal Palace, and the southern beach of Java,

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Malioboro Road

Exploring and shopping for souveniers.

Duration: 2 hour