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Color analysis

  • E-Ticket
  • Group Tour
  • 2 hr

A modern way to know your best colors! You won't receive any summer/winter classifications, just the scientific examinations, and results. 330 types of colors.

Itinerary Details

If you want instantly to change your life and:

Look slimmer
Look younger
Save money
Declutter your wardrobe
Have a better shopping experience
Getting dressed is quicker and easier
Look beautiful
Look strong
Don’t look like everybody else
Look like yourself

The best way to achieve it is COLOR ANALYSIS!
I'm going to define your best colors (clothing, makeup, hair) so you can avoid shopping for the things that you won't wear later! There are 330 color types. And there are no limits! You can wear all the colors, the only thing is the shade of the color you're using. Youll be surprised how the colors are influencing your face. they even can make you look 5 years older/younger! After the session, I'm gonna send you your color style book with all your analysis and also the color combinations that you can use during all your life:)