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Emi's kitchen: Authentic Japanese home cooking class / sushi class

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  • 3 hr

Japanese food is known as healthy and tasty but still many people don't know washoku (Japanese home dishes). You can learn Japanese home cooking. Sushi making class is also popular so I have 2 classes. Not only cooking, let's talk many things! Each culture, history, food, traveling, Japanese table manners, nutrition science, politics, Japanese subculture, work, life styles, education, and more what you want to talk. You will be relaxed at my apartment like your home. In home cooking class, I prepare Japanese fruit or sweet for dessert. Both are very popular. I understand that we want to know what it tastes but don’t have the courage to buy it. You can try it! I will tell you which food is "must" try. 3 hours passes so fast! If you want, let's do a supermarket tour. Food/tea/seasoning/sweets/fruit..., I will explain what you are interested in.

Itinerary Details

I teach Japanese home cooking and sushi making at my apartment. It takes 10 minute walk from Nerima station.
-Japanese home cooking class: 2 main, 2 side dish, rice, miso soup
-Sushi class: 3 kinds of sushi (Temari, Gunkan-maki, Nigiri), Japanese omelette, miso soup
Both classes have Japanese tea. If you request, I will prepare Japanese sake. Sake is 700 yen per person. Please pay on arrival. After the meal, let's do supermarket tour!

Dishes which I teach are simple and tasty so you can recreate at home. Actually, there are guests that they sent me pictures which they recreated. After the meal, let's do supermarket tour! I will teach you which food/tea/seasoning/dessert/fruit are good.

Japanese home cooking class:
Basic of 2 main is 1 meat 1 fish. You can also choose from 2 meat, 2 vegetables, 1 meat 1 vegetable, 1 fish 1 vegetable.
Side dishes are used vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, seaweed, tofu, shrimps, etc.

Sushi class:
Authentic sushi never uses avocado. I use raw fish, fish eggs, shrimps, seaweed and edamame. Sushi class is also popular.
Side dish is Japanese omelette.