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Breath-Hold Diving Initiation (FreeDiving)

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Breath-Hold Diving is probably the ultimate meditative experience! Meeting yourself at depth, facing yourself like never before, and finding that "Relax' button to add to your daily life dashboard... Learn to rely on your body, to tame your brain, and to relax at will through that humbling process that is simply "stronger than you"! You cannot beat or cheat the Ocean, you can only go with the reality of what is, whilst relying on wiser than You: Your Body! Your body knows exactly what to do underwater; it remembers its aquatic nature! With Breath-Hold Diving, your mind will have to surrender fully and allow your body to take over more and more, until you can function effortlessly underwater... Your mind needs rest; your body can take over! Give your mind a break, push the "trust" button. Dive within yourself and resurface lighter; Get born again! Sometimes you need to forget yourself to find yourself! Relaxation is a choice; Breath-Hold Diving is a voluntary practice of that choice!

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Own your Breath back and Learn to Relax at will…

Breath-hold diving is the absolute meditative experience! To connect with higher states of the Being, you must first have reached further depths of the Self; Experiencing Oneness entails embracing Emptiness... So, first it has to start with your Self!
Depth and Breath-Hold are a powerful and humbling combination that will make you face yourself like never before, helping you to let go of everything and surrender fully (and only) to what is.
Find peace through embracing Chaos and dare to meet the Void!

Let the Ocean hold the space for you; dive within yourself and surrender to the Reality of the Deep Now…


*Boat trip (8am-9am): Breakfast, Theory of Breathing, Theory of Diving, Breathing exercises

*Water session (9.30am-12noon): Breathe and Relax, dive down the line when you are ready, experience what is down there for you, then resurface and have a talk with me about what happened; Rest for a while, then we will start again, and again... Max depth 12m

*FunDive (12noon-12.45pm): Put your skills to practice and go explore the marine life under one breath; free time under supervision