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Private 3-day Henan Tour with Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottoes and MORE!

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Henan province is considered as the cradle of Chinese civilization due to its location by the notable Yellow River. You will visit the UNESCO world heritage site - Longmen Grottoes, enjoy the spectacular Kungfu show in Shaolin Temple, and explore the history of the ancient Chinese civilization. The itinerary includes Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Kaifeng House Scenic Resort. Besides, you can taste local specialty food as there's no better way to get to know a city than through its food. 1.Visit the UNESCO world heritage site - Longmen Grottoes 2.Explore Shaolin Temple and the legendary Chinese kungfu 3.Enjoy a memorable Kungfu show 4.Visit Kaifeng House Scenic Resort and watch the historical sitcoms 5.Taste local specialty food in Henan

Itinerary Details

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Day 1 Arrive in Luoyang and visit the UNESCO world heritage site - Longmen Grottoes

Stop At: Longmen Grottoes

Luoyang's Longmen Grottoes is famous for its grand treasure trove of Chinese Buddhist statues. There are more than 2,300 sacred niches and 100,000 Buddhist statues in various sizes craved by skilled artisans. Scattered densely on the majestic mountains from north to south, the grottoes stretch for 1,000 meters (1,100 yards) along the cliffs. In addition, there are 2,800 precious stele inscriptions and calligraphy works that will provide you a visual feast.

Duration: 3 hour

Day 2 Visit White Horse Temple, explore Shaolin Temple and enjoy the Kungfu show

Stop At: White Horse Temple

The White Horse Temple is honored as the 'Founder's Home' and the 'Cradle of Buddhism in China'. Outside the gate, there is a pool with fences around and lovely fish in the water. It is for the believers to set free the captive animals. After crossing the pool via a stone bridge, you will enter the temple. To the east and west of the gate are the tombs of She Moteng and Zhu Falan, which are one of the six most famous sights here. In the east corner stands a tablet pavilion. The Chinese characters written on the tablet are the work of a Chinese calligrapher abbot Shamen Wencai, designed during the Yuan Dynasty. They are written in his familiarly free and easy style and describe the history of the White Horse Temple.

Duration: 2 hour

Stop At: Monastero Shaolin (Shaolin Temple)

Shaolin Temple, the most famous Buddhist temple in China , reputed as 'the Number One Temple under Heaven', is included on the UNESCO's World Cultural & Natural Heritage List in 2010. It is the cradle of Chinese Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Martial Arts. Shaolin Temple embraces many exciting attractions, such as the Hall of Heavenly Kings , the Mahavira Hall, the Pagoda Forest, the Dharma Cave and the Martial Art Training Center. We can explore the legendary Chinese Kungfu by watching a Kungfu show!

Duration: 4 hour

Day 3 Visit Kaifeng House Scenic Resort and learn about the traditional Chinese culture of ruling

Stop At: Kaifeng House Scenic Resort

Kaifeng House Scenic Resort, was the administration and judicature court in the capital city of the Song Dynasty. It contained rich cultural connotation of the ancient government. There were totally 183 Kaifeng mayors; and the Lord Bao was regarded as one of the best. His righteousness led to his stories be passed down in the folk by people for hundreds of years. Visit Kaifeng House Scenic Resort, enjoy the historical sitcoms, and learn the traditional Chinese culture of ruling.

Duration: 2 hour